About Sebag Textiles

Sebag Textiles is the fabric design line by artist Victoria Sebag, a painter of still life and portraits of more than 20 years.  Victoria created her first collection of fabrics for the home in 2016.   The pleasure of working with colours that sing, on a surface that feels beautiful, is the same for her art as it is for Sebag Textiles.

After her family’s move to the English countryside in 2012, Victoria was inspired to do something different.  Her inspiration comes from being endlessly surprised on her walks; by nature’s colours, patterns and strong sense of design.  Her designs bring together this love of nature and elements from her travels, having visited many wild and remote countries with her husband James, a keen bird-watcher.

Victoria’s designs fuse heritage with modernity.  The designs are both timeless and quirky.  They express her joie de vivre in nature, the traveller’s carefree spirit and a longing for home.

Green & Social Impact

Sebag Textiles reflects Victoria’s need to cherish our planet.  Linens are sourced locally where possible and the fabrics are printed with unparalleled care by some of the best manufacturers in the UK, supporting local industry and craftsmen.

The Pomegranate

The pomegranate has long been a symbol of femininity and fertility, abundance and generosity – all those seeds!  This felt a great place to start for a business and it also has a family connection for Victoria.

Victoria’s family have had links with Andalusia in Southern Spain for well over 400 years and Victoria has spent many happy holidays there with her own parents and family at their house in the hills.  In Andalusia the pomegranate is so abundant that one city is even named after it – Grenada.  In a nice touch of serendipity Sebag is from the Arab word for ‘dyer’.  The dying of wool and silk has been a Jewish speciality since the times of antiquity and so Sebag Textiles comes through history neatly arriving in the present time.